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“Tell it to Princess” is a blog that has been created to help people satisfy their undying thirst for knowledge and advice. Its not just for a particular group of persons, maybe teenagers or so, but for everyone. We ain’t racists!😂 Mommies, Daddies, Teens… Anyone at all.

C’mon, tell Princess what’s bothering you, don’t be scared. She’s ever ready to dish out advices, we serve you very hot! 🤭 And just so yunno, no one’s going to bad mouth you or such.

And hey, you do know a lil talk with princess makes things right rai? Yeah! It sure does, trust me😊

Why I Choose to Blog.

The ignorance of youths and teenagers plus their inability to open up to anyone not even family because of the fear of punishment, disappointment on side of the family or friends, and fear of being bad mouthed is what has led me to open this blog.

A lot of teenagers today go through a lot and still choose to keep quiet. Some when faced with difficult situations tend to make the wrong choice simply because they have no guidance or they cannot open up to anyone for the above mentioned fears…

This blog has been created to help youths, teenagers and every other person express themselves, ask questions as much as they like and get advices so they won’t make some unnecessary mistakes.

Talk to princess today! Just a lil talk with her makes things cool! Don’t be scared! Open up today!

Articles and other forms of write ups will be posted on the blog too on daily basis, interviews with different people on the some of the critical situations that face people will be posted too once in a while and our reality shows will be held on cell in a while too.

I hope you enjoy your ride around my site😚

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